Ascot & Co is a UK-style estate agency that does things a little differently here in the UAE. This means we always keep the process of buying and selling property as straightforward as possible, with the emphasis on our customers’ experiences at all times. We stick to our principles, and make sure that every transaction that you complete with us is one you’d be happy to repeat. We’re about quality over quantity. Doesn’t that sound refreshing?

What we believe in

Our team founded Ascot & Co based on the belief that this incredible, dynamic and often crazy city we call home will continue to grow, thrive and mature throughout our lifetimes. And beyond. Over the last 10 years our partners have seen it all – the boom times, the crash, the ups and downs, and now it’s time for something longer term. Something solid. A company that reflects our vision, commitment and integrity, is deeply rooted in the community and will expand with Dubai.

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