Most Popular areas to buy a Villa in Ajman

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Ajman is the smallest yet alluring emirate in UAE, which is always been in the spotlight due to its real estate properties like Villas in Ajman. It Posses a small area in UAE but in terms of population, it holds fourth Place. Many who are eager to invest in UAE, consider investing Here due to its appealing prices when it comes to buying an apartment or villas in Ajman.

95% of the population in the emirate resides in Ajman city which is bordering Sharjah. The people residing in Ajman mainly commute to Dubai and Sharjah for their work, as it’s easy to commute from here. That’s why buying a villa or house in Ajman became so popular among those who work in bordering emirates, due to its affordable prices. Investing in Ajman can bestow you more opportunities than other emirates.

In terms of geology, Ajman city and main territory are bordered to the landward side by Sharjah, while Manama shares borders with Sharjah and Fujairah. It holds a beautiful coastline while has many very popular beaches in UAE.

Several luxury beach hotels, cafes in Ajman beach, draw the attention of weekenders and other tourists from around the world. Not only limited to Hotels but there’s also a  lot of places to visit in Ajman like Ajman Museum, Masfout, Al Zorah natural reserve which can suit your weekend vibes.

The best thing about thinking to get villas in Ajman is its freehold property law, which allows foreigners to get 100% freehold properties. Also, foreign investments are encouraged in the Ajman freehold area, which allows them to have 100% of any business registered in these areas.

Interested to invest in Ajman villas? Read out the article to learn more about villas in Ajman. Down here check out types of villas, amenities, and average sales price in these neighborhoods.

villas in ajman | find properties

Some sought-after areas to Buy Villas in Ajman

Not all areas in Ajman are similar in terms of popularity. According to the data we received from our team, the most popular areas where you can find villas for sale in Ajman are Al Yameen, Al Rawda, Al Mowaihat, Ajman Uptown, and Al Zahya.

Among these, the most popular place to buy villas in Ajman is Al Yasmeen and Al Rawda ranks second on the list whereas Al Mowaihat, Ajman Uptown, and Al Zahya are also popular among people who want to purchase villas in Ajman. Ajman Uptown is the cheapest of all areas in Ajman.


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Al Yasmeen is considered as the top area to buy villas in Ajman, located on the Sharjah-Ajman border hence, this villa community is an excellent option for those who frequently travel between the emirates. This community is completely green with good connectivity and an awesome place for families especially young families to experience completely breaking moments every day. Here you can get efficiently designed villas with a contemporary look and feel.

Al Yasmeen is popular among families who are searching for spacious villas in Ajman as it provides large villas with the best amenities. You can find educational institutions merely a few meters away. Also, Happy time nursery, Al Watan university is located near to this community. Residents also have access to various parks including the children’s parks to enjoy their evenings. There is plenty of supermarkets and other facilities nearby.

This community features elegantly designed three, four, and five-bedroom villas in Ajman.  These villas are ideal for families seeking an exclusive and upgraded lifestyle. All the villas here combine classy indoor living with lush gardens. The extensive glazing illuminates the interiors with a stunning view of the landscaped garden. Villas have ample parking space with en-suite bathrooms and fully equipped kitchens. The average cost of 3 bedroom villas in Al Yasmeen is AED AED 900k. Spacious four-bedroom villas for sale will be sold at an average of AED 1.2M. Whereas fascinating 5 bedroom villas cost an average of AED1.5M.


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Al Rawda area is located in the outskirts of Ajman close to the Ajman- Sharjah Border and it ranks among the top two areas when it comes to buying villas in Ajman or villas for rent in Ajman, Apartments for rent in Ajman. Also, It is also the fourth most popular location to rent flats in Ajman.

The abundance of villas and the green environment make Al Rawda popular among young couples and families. In fact, it is one of the most family-friendly areas in Ajman. Those with school-going children enjoy the shorter commutes. Also, Al Rawda, Ajman is close to the major highways in the UAE making traveling to other emirates a breeze.

The community is divide into Al Rawda 1, Al Rawda 2, Al Rawda 3. And it has independent and spacious villas. Al Rawda is not very far from its neighborhoods like Al Mowaihat and landmarks here include Al Tallah Racecourse. It hosts camel racing events and camel festivals from October to March.

The community has a lot of facilities like any other community in Ajman including supermarkets, parks, restaurants, hotels, petrol pumps, and more. The average cost of buying a 5-bedroom villa in Al Rawda, Ajman can be AED1.7M whereas one can get 3 bedroom villas in Al Rawda on an average of AED850k. The luxurious 6 bedroom villas here can be found at AED1.8M.


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Al Mowaihat or Mwaihat is a community neighboring Al Rawda and near Ajman- Sharjah Border. This area is divide into Al Mowaihat 1, Al Mowaihat 2, Al Mowaihat 3 featuring many independent spacious villas with distinct architecture. The larger villas in the community come with spacious bedrooms, Majlis, and private parking spaces.

Moving to this community can be stress-free as the place has a lot of restaurants and Cafes. 2 to 3 Storey villas overlook the Emirates Road. They feature two balconies, a storeroom, a family room with a second kitchen and a preparatory kitchen, a servant room, and covered parking spaces for two cars. People can buy villas here at affordable rates.

For those looking to purchase a villa, a 3-bedroom villa for sale in Al Mowaihat can cost AED 1.1M. A 4-bedroom villa for sale in Al Mowaihat will be priced from AED 900k  to AED 1.55M. Prices range from AED 1.1M to AED 3.0M for a 5 bedroom villa. Finally, for those looking to buy the largest villa in this community, 6-bed villas have price ranges from AED 1.14M to AED 2.5M.


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Ajman uptown is the most popular community in Ajman to rent or buy villas. This community provides you with a wide range of villa types like Erica, Eruca, Camellia, VIP villas, and more. Out of all these villas, the erica villa is the famous ones among the investors in Ajman. The average price for 3 bedroom erica villa for sale in Ajman uptown is 300k, which is very affordable as compared to other areas to find villas for sale in Ajman.

You can also check affordable villas for sale in Sharjah and compare the prices with Ajman Villas. 

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