Why Dubai would be best city in the world to live in 2040

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Sheikh Mohammed Revealed: How Dubai is Set to look in 2040


How Dubai will be looking under the new 2040 master plan

Dubai announces the 2040 Urban Master Plan that maps out the future map for sustainable urban development in the city. Dubai on Saturday laid down the framework for how the city can grow sustainably over the next 20 years and make it the best choice to live in the world.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice president and prime minister of the UAE and the Ruler of Dubai, unveiled the Dubai 2040 urban master plan, by surprising all of us. The plan has a grand vision for the future which honors traditional Emarati rich heritage and culture that focuses on using the available spaces within the limits of the current city while focusing on the development of existing urban areas in the city.

Land area used for hotels and tourist places will be increased by 134percent, making it again the most popular tourist hub, while the land used for commercial activities will be increased by 168 square kilometers.

Dubai’s 2040 cityscape will not only be green, idyllic, and high-tech but It will also showcase the revitalized beauty of its historic districts and bring Emiratis back to the neighborhoods their parents and grandparents had treasured, a top official of the emirate has said.

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Dubai will continue to be a global hub for innovative changes, international cooperation, and collaborations by increasing the land area designated for health and educational purposes by 25 percent, while the length of public beaches will be increased by as much as 400 percent in 2040, nailing again for promoting tourism.

Easily accessible integrated service centers will be established to provide all the needs of the population through sustainable and flexible means of mobility. It seeks to provide high-level quality of life in the city while increasing the population by 5.8 million by 2040, 55%off the population will live within 800 meters from the main public transport stations.

Development and investment in the five main urban centers including the three existing ones and two new ones that will support the growth of economic sectors and increased job opportunities for residents. It also provides a “wide range of lifestyle facilities” for the population in Dubai.

Dubai’s urban master plan is focused on development and investment in five main urban centers by improving the existing historic centers such as Deira and Bur Dubai which highlights the traditional culture and heritage of the old emirate while improving downtown and business bay which is the business and financial heart of the city.

Improvement of the new urban centers which are expo 2020 centers which is gonna be the economic and growth hotspot featuring affordable housing, the focal point of the exhibitions, tourism, and logistics sectors, and Dubai silicon oasis center, a science and technology knowledge hub that drives innovation, digital advancement and talent generation.

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Other objectives include enhancing environmental sustainability, safeguarding the emirates’ cultural and urban heritage, and developing comprehensive legislation and planning governance models.

Wildlife sanctuaries and natural rural areas constitute 60% of Dubai by doubling of the green and recreational areas. Several green corridors will be established to link service areas, residential areas, and workspaces, providing the movement of pedestrians, bicycles, and sustainable mobility means across the city.

The plan also states to issue an integrated and flexible urban planning law that supports sustainable development and growth, taking into consideration the future aspirations of the emirate’s diverse population.

In a statement, Sheikh Mohammed said the visionary development journey started by the late Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum in the sixties continues to guide Dubai’s evolution.

“Our strategic development plans are focused on creating the best possible environment and infrastructure to enhance the community’s happiness and wellbeing and support the fulfillment of the greatest human aspirations for both our citizens and people from around the world,” he said.





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