More about 3 bedroom flat for rent in Ajman

If you are looking for affordable 3 bedroom apartments for rent in the UAE, you must consider the emirate of Ajman to get a 3 bedroom flat for rent in Ajman. Although it is the smallest emirate, it has a selection of affordable properties for rent. As a result, many residents consider living in Ajman and working in Dubai and other emirates.

Thinking of having a 3 bedroom flat/ apartment for rent in Ajman is a great idea, where you can enjoy living in this beautiful emirate at low costs. It has affordable/cheap rentals so if you want to have a really cool 3 bhk flat for rent in Ajman but at a cheap price then you can think of having here one. 3 bedroom apartment for rent in Ajman is very cheap when you compare it with one in Dubai plus in Ajman, you can find a spacious 3 bhk flat in Ajman’s popular areas.

3  bedroom flat for rent in Ajman can be taken for monthly or yearly rent in Al Rashidiya, Ajman Corniche, Al Nuamiya, Al Bustan, Al Rawda, and many more areas in Ajman. There are many three-bedroom flats in Ajman for monthly rent in Ajman famous towers like city tower, pearl tower, horizon towers, Rashidiya towers, city towers.

Popular areas to rent 3 bedroom in Ajman

In Ajman, the top area to rent 3 bedroom apartment/flat for rent Ajman is Al Nuaimiya. Al Nuaimiya is famous for its affordable 3 bedroom flats for monthly and yearly rent. There are famous towers located in these areas which have a lot of 3 bedroom units for rent in Ajman. The good thing about al Nuamiya is it is bordering Sharjah so one can easily commute to Sharjah daily and can access malls and other shopping centers available in Sharjah Easily.

You can find plenty of 3 bedroom apartment for rent in Ajman in Rashidiya. Mainly in Horizon towers, Rashidiya towers, Al Khor towers, Pearl Tower, and much more small buildings in Rashiya 1, Rashidiya 2, and 3.

Price trends for renting 3 bhk in Ajman 

3 BHK for rent in Ajman Rashidiya for a year will be around AED36k in Al Khor towers in Rashidiya 1, in Rashidiya tower you can get it for AED37k/year. In Al Sawan, Ajman one towers, for a 3 bhk flat, you have to pay at least AED40k/year. Another most popular Al Nuamiya also has the same range for 3-bedroom apartments like AED32k annually. While in Al Rumaila you get it for an average of AED40k with a lot of facilities. Other best places for renting a 3 bedroom apartment rent in Ajman are Al Rawda, Ajman Corniche, and Al Muwaihat. Al Jurf one bedroom apartment for rent starts from AED35kyearly. You can find a wide range of apartments for rent in Ajman in Find Properties.

3 bedroom flats/apartments in Ajman for monthly rent can be received for an average of AED3700 in Al Nuaimiya while in Rashidiya you can get it for an average of AED 3000 monthly rent. In Al Bustan, the average price for 3 bedrooms flat in Ajman for monthly rent would be AED4000. 

Looking for a 3-bedroom flat in Ajman for monthly rent or 3 bedroom apartment for rent in Ajman for yearly rent, login to find properties. You can get a wide range of 3 bedroom flats/apartments for rent in Ajman at the best prices.