About Apartments/flats for rent in Al Nuaimiya

Al Nuaimiya being located in the neighborhood of Al Rashidiya and Ajman industrial area has a lot more development than its neighboring districts, having being located near to the famous landmark Thumbay Hospital its quite popular among people to get apartments or flats for rent in al Nuaimiya. Completed in the year 2006, Al Nuaimiya has so many residential buildings now, famous ones are named as Nuaimiya tower 1, 2 and 3 and city tower which is located in al Nuaimiya 3. Al nuaimiya tower, apartments have an area starting from 450 sq. ft. and goes up to 1,813 sq. ft. The tower is Consisting of various residential buildings, such as studios, villas, and penthouses, Al Nuaimiya is popular among expatriates to rent cheap apartments on a monthly and yearly basis. This place is surrounded by palm trees by providing a peaceful and eco-friendly atmosphere to its residents by conserving natural resources.

Apartment Types in Al Nuaimiya

Al Nuaimiya consists of many residential buildings that are different in their own way. The apartments fo rent in al nuaimiya reflect modern architecture style. The building here consists of apartments with studios and 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom  and 3-bedroom flats. Specifying the living standard of the residents, the apartments consist of Big, spacious bedroom with built-in cupboards, double-glazed windows and a grand chandelierto simply make the room more beautiful and brighter. Making life easier for tenants, these flats also contain a well-structured bathroom with great modern facilities. These apartments also consist of a spacious living room. Offering residents, a place to relax during the evenings, Al Nuaimiya apartments have large and spacious balconies.  Making the process of cooking interesting, this property contains an open kitchen well equipped with cabinets and drawers. And, if you going for furnished apartments here the price will be a little higher than its neighboring districts.

Price Trends for renting Apartments in Al Nuaimiya

People choose to find apartments for rent in Al Nuaimiya because of its rent patterns and living cost. If you want to rent flats in Ajman al Nuamiya then you have so many options to choose from. The price of 1 bedroom rental apartments in Nuaimiya starts from AED 15,000 and goes up to AED 30,000 per year while the rent of 2 bedroom apartments in Nuaimiya starts from AED 20,000 and goes up to AED 48,000 per year. However, if you want to get 3 bedroom apartments for rent, the price ranges between AED 35,000 and AED 72,000 per annum. You get an option to rent furnished 1 bedroom apartments in al Nuaimiya on monthly basis for around AED 2200 while unfurnished 1 bedroom flats for monthly rent in Ajman al Nuaimiya come in a range of AED2000/ month.

There are so many reasons why people want to rent apartments here, firstly the facilities it offers in terms of easy access to other parts of emirates as well as neighboring emirates. Apart from that, they offer affordable renting prices for apartments to the residents that is why it’s quite famous when it comes to apartments for rent in Ajman or properties for lease in Ajman.