More about Apartments for rent in Muwaileh

Muwaileh is the 3rd most popular area in Sharjah when it comes to apartments for rent in Muwaileh. This area is the most popular among ex-pats among other areas with apartments for rent in Sharjah. Families lookout to lease apartments here due to its cheap rents as compared to Dubai and other emirates and its family-friendly environment. Likewise, many people prefer to live here and commute to other emirates as this helps them save on rent. 

Sharjah is considered the cultural capital of the UAE and has a lot of affordable residential developments which help people to save a lot on rent and other facilities. Muwaileh is close to Sharjah industrial area and this area accommodates both families and bachelors. One can find a range of apartments from the lowest price to high-priced luxury flats. 

Muwaileh is considered a very practical place to live in. It has several malls, cafes, restaurants, discount centers, parks, and other places of interest. Many schools and medical centers are also can be found nearby which makes this area valuable for families to live in. Rental flats in Sharjah are not only affordable, but they are up to par with Dubai in terms of amenities and features.

Types of apartments for rent in Muwaileh

In Muwaileh, flats for rent starts from studios, 1 bedroom/bhk, 2 bedroom/bhk, 3 bedroom/ bhk flats/apartments. Muwaileh has a huge housing area with many mid-rise buildings. Typical studio apartments for rent in Muwaileh will come with 450 sqft of Home area with 1 bathroom and the price starts from AED10k. When it comes to 1 bedroom rental apartments in Muwaileh, the most popular floor plan seems to have 1000 sqft with 1 bathroom and the average price is AED20k. Likewise, when it comes to 2 bedroom apartments or flats for rent in Muwaileh the average home area is 1200 sq. ft,3 bathrooms with balcony, and the average price would be AED25k. Those who are looking out for 3 bedroom apartments for rent in Muwaileh can expect a yearly rent of atleast AED45k  Accordingly, all the apartments in Muwaileh are modernly designed with well-fitted cabinets and most of the kitchens are closed, spacious with cabinets.

Many of the flats has facilitated modern amenities like a swimming pool, Jacuzzi, steam room, gym, ATM facility, Sea view, prayer room, and more. Most of the rental apartments in Muwaileh comes with very clean and properly maintained. You can find double-glazed windows with 24/7 security and CCTV monitoring system.