More about Studio for rent in Abu Dhabi

Looking for an affordable yet spacious studio for rent in Abu Dhabi? There are many options for tenants within the capital. Renters can pick from a variety of attractive areas with a convenient, location, facilities, rent, and more. In a city like Abu Dhabi, studios are an honest option for those trying to find a little cosy space to call home. you’ll rent a studio in Abu Dhabi for as low as AED 2k monthly and luxuriate in a cushy, private space. Read on to check out where you’ll find affordable monthlyand yearly rental studios in Abu Dhabi that are spacious yet affordable.

Popular areas to find studios for rent in Abu Dhabi

Mohamed Bin Zayed City is one of the best and affordable places to find studio for rent in Abu Dhabi. The monthly rent for studio in MBZ city is around 2300 AED. Khalifa City takes the main limelight the city on the list of areas to look for studio for monthly and yearly rent in Abu Dhabi. The neighborhood is right for people that need to visit Dubai regularly. Moreover, the leisure and entertainment options in Al Raha Beach and Saadiyat Island also are fairly accessible . Since you’ll also find excellent schools nearby, the world is sort of popular amongst young families. The typical yearly rent for a studio in Khalifa City is AED 23k.

Al Khalidiyah is another best place to find a studio for rent in Abu Dhabi. Located near the Abu Dhabi Corniche, Al Khalidiyah has multiple mid and high-rise apartment buildings. additionally, to some wonderful cafes, restaurants, and supermarkets, residents also will be pleased to seek out that there are a beach and a public park on the brink of their homes. Especially for those that enjoy water sports, this is often the simplest place to measure in Abu Dhabi. If you’re looking to rent a studio in Abu Dhabi under AED 3k monthly, Al Khalidiyah might be a superb choice.
Expect to pay an average of AED 2.7k to rent a studio in Al Khalidiyah per month.

Al Muroor secures the third spot on our list of the foremost popular areas to seek out monthly studios for rent in Abu Dhabi. This area is ideal for those that prefer a relaxed and peaceful lifestyle. Despite being located far away from the town center, this area is well connected to the mainland via major road networks. The portfolio of residential properties within the area is sort of extensive; hence, you’ll have a good sort of studio apartments with a monthly payment plan. One can rent a studio in Al Muroor for AED 2,500 monthly, on average.

Al Nahyan is another popular area for renting studios, Named after the ruling family, Al Nahyan may be a popular residential area within the capital city. the world primarily offers apartments; hence one can find a good range of studios for rent in Abu Dhabi on monthly payment. Moreover, this area is home to Al Nahyan Stadium and other sporting establishments making it a well-liked choice amongst sports lovers. One significant advantage of renting within the area is that prices are highly competitive. you’ll rent a studio in Al Nahyan for AED 2,500 monthly.

Al Mushrif is found within the heart of the emirate and is equally popular amongst families and singles. Living within the area means you’ll have the simplest urban amenities within easy reach. Furthermore, many major landmarks, including Mushrif Mall, are located nearby. One can rent a studio in Al Mushrif for AED 30,000 yearly. Another place to find a cheap studio for rent in Abu Dhabi is Musaffah as you can find a studio for AED2500 per month.