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Sharjah is considered as one of the best emirates in the United Arab Emirates when it comes to Apartments, villas for rent in Sharjah. They are conservative when it comes to their culture and value but at the same time giving equal respect to non-Emiratis. Sharjah is far more advanced as compared to Ajman and other northern emirates. Most expats prefer to rent properties in Sharjah because they are much cheaper than those in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. If you check the statistics of Sharjah, then you will get that most of the people residing in Sharjah is expats.

Most people residing in Sharjah are from countries in the Indian subcontinent, such as India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, Nepal. There’s also a small community of Arabs who belongs to the countries such as Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, and other neighboring Arab countries.

The best part about Sharjah is they offer you world-class education, hospitals, universities and large shopping malls, discount centers that are needed to live a high standard of living. Also, most families choose to live in Sharjah because of its low rent patterns for villas for rent in Sharjah.

For expatriates who want to reside in the United Arab Emirates, finding an affordable villa is hard especially for the residents with families, Here’s where a villa for rent in Sharjah is getting the spotlight. As Sharjah and Ajman offer affordable properties, many people rent Sharjah villas and try to travel to neighboring emirates such as Dubai Abudhabi for work.

For instance, a family requiring 4 bedroom villa for rent in Sharjah, Al Azra could expect to pay up to AED 60k annually for rent. For a 6 bedroom with 5 bathroom villa in Al Jazzat, Sharjah you will only pay AED85k This has resulted in greater interest and demand for properties for rent in Sharjah. Apart from offering cheaper villas, Sharjah also has a generally cheaper cost of living. For instance, you can find many discount centers for getting household items and food. Residents will find many affordable restaurants also to dine in.

Not only the low rental rates are attractive in sharjah, but also the transportation, medical, educational, and other facilities as compared to villas in Ajman and other northern emirates. 

Types of Villas for rent in Sharjah

Villas in Sharjah come from 2 to 6 bedroom villas. The typical 3-bedroom villa for rent in Sharjah will come with 5000 sq. ft. of floor space, equipped with 4 bathrooms and with an average price of 35000/year. In the 4 bedroom villas for rent in the Sharjah section, the most popular 4 bedroom villa will typically offer around 7000 sq. ft. of floor space that comes with 5 bathrooms, and the average price ranges from AED50K  and more. Jumping on to the most popular types of villas for rent in Sharjah, 5 bedroom villas, comes with 6 baths and 6000sq. ft. of floor space. Finally, the largest categories are the 6 bedroom villas for rent in Sharjah which are established on 10,000 sq. ft. of floor space and come with 7 and more bathrooms with maid rooms, majlis, private pools, and other amenities.

Popular Areas to find cheap villas for rent in Sharjah

If you are looking for the best and affordable place to rent villas in Sharjah then consider renting in these places like Maysaloon, Al Ghafia, Al Azra, or Al Jazzat because they have an ample amount of villas for rent in Sharjah With an abundance of amenities. You can find old as well as new villas in these areas. 

Maysaloon is one of the areas to find cheap villas in Sharjah for rent. To rent 3 bedroom villas in Maysaloon the average cost would be around 27,000 per year. You can check all the villas for rent in this area here.

Another cheap area to rent villas in Sharjah is Nasserya, a 4 bedroom villa in Nasserya would cost you around 40k per year with 4000sqft. 

For a two-bedroom villa for rent in Nasma Residence, you have to pay around AED 55k yearly. 

Al Ghafia is one of the best residential areas in Sharjah, with a great selection of a variety of villas. To rent a 3 bedroom villa in Sharjah Al ghafia, the average cost for the year would be around AED 40k. A 4 bedroom villa in Al Ghafia goes for an average rent of AED 50k, whereas, for 5 bedroom villa, the rent goes up to AED 100k.

Al Azra is popular among family areas in Ajman due to its close proximity to good schools and higher educational institutes. The average rent 4 bedroom villa for rent in Sharjah al Azra is around AED100k. For a 5 bedroom villa in Al Azra, goes up to AED 175k. 

Another place to consider while renting a villa in Sharjah is Al Nekhailat where you can get a 5 bedroom villa for rent in Sharjah for 80k per year.

The largest 8 bedrooms villas for rent in Sharjah in Al Khezamia will be rented for an affordable price of 90k per year. 

The super large 10 bedroom villa for rent in Sharjah, Al Khezamia will be around 180k per year while a 10 bedroom villa in Al Ramtha can be rented out for an average of 260k per year. 

Other places to rent affordable villas can be Al Ramtha, Al Noaf, Al Mansoura, and Al Turrfa, also you can find many duplex villas in these places for a very high price.

How to choose a Villa for rent in Sharjah?

To find a suitable villa for rent in Sharjah that matches your requirements and fits into your budget – you can begin your online search at Find Properties. We have a number of verified listings of rental villas in Sharjah and you are sure to find one. Once you find some suitable options, you can connect to the listing agent, via WhatsApp, call or email and visit the property to finalize one. You can negotiate on the listed price and finalize one after conducting thorough research only.

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