More about Apartments for sale in Ajman

Despite being the smallest Emirate in terms of area and population, Ajman offers many affordable apartments for sale in Ajman, and not only that you can even get an apartment for sale in ajman on installment plan. If you want to settle down in UAE, finding an affordable and convenient apartment is quite challenging. But what else you need when you can get luxury plus affordable living. Buying an apartment in Ajman is also a great option for those who simply cannot afford to buy an apartment in Dubai or other emirates.

With Ajman offering freehold properties and its decision to allow foreign ownership of properties, many foreign investors looking for more affordable investment opportunities began to invest in Ajman. With this decision, Ajman got a boom in its real estate area and has opened a way for people who wants to establish their roots here by buying a property. Staying in Ajman is very convenient for middle-class Expatriates families as it is very affordable and they don’t have to care about much of their hard-earned money also they get the option of a mortgage loan which is giving away better opportunities for expatriates than other Emirates. What else, if you can sell your apartment/flats at any time hassle-free.

Since it offers very affordable apartments for sale in Ajman, not only that the services available there are no less important than other Emirates cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi, many people whether citizens or expatriates prefer to buy in Ajman and Updown to Dubai, Sharjah, and other Emirates.

Popular areas to find apartments for sale in Ajman

Ajman has a lot to offer when it comes to apartments for sale in Ajman. Every area in Ajman has something different to offer when and some of them are more popular in terms of buying a flats in Ajman. As per people residing in Ajman most people prefer the Ajman Corniche area for buying flats in Ajman. This area is one of the few communities in the United Arab Emirates and in Ajman that offers waterfront living with apartments for rent in Ajman and the sale is stretched across an area of 4 kilometers. Ajman Corniche is also an area that has significance when it comes to tourist destinations in Ajman as it has many beach restaurants, bars, and hotels to relax. Ajman Corniche offers various types of apartments for sale in Ajman mid to high-rise apartment buildings.

The next most popular area is downtown or Rashidiya, in here you can find many towers to find apartments for sale in Ajman like Rashidiya Tower, Horizon Tower, Al Khor tower and more. However, unlike Ajman Corniche that offers a more leisurely beachfront lifestyle, Rashidiya is known for its affordable housing and accessibility. Another reason why this area is popular is its proximity to Safeer Mall, lulu, Nesto, the middle east, NMC hospital, restaurants, play stations, stadium, and many other facilities. Rashidiya is also liked by tenants to find apartments for rent in Ajman. Apart from that, Nuaimiya is also a great community to choose apartments for sale in Ajman as it has many popular landmarks such as Thumbay hospital, Nuaimiya towers, schools, and shopping centers.

Other areas where you can get affordable apartments for sale in Ajman are emirates city, Al Bustan, Al Zahiya, and Garden city.

Average price trends of Apartments for sale in Ajman

The average rate to buy affordable studio apartments/flats for sale in Ajman goes around AED 170k, while more luxurious studios can be brought for an average of AED 400k. For one-bedroom cheap apartments for sale in Ajman, the average price goes around AED180k to more luxury ones at an average of AED 900k and for 2 bedroom flats, the average goes around 300k. At last for the largest apartments 3 and 4 bedrooms, the average price goes around as low as AED300k and 500k. You can get an apartment/flat for sale in Ajman on an installment plan and in most of the plans, you just have to pay a 5-7% downpayment and move in.

Some famous buildings to look for flat for sale in Ajman

Al Khor Towers is that the hottest building with investors for apartments for sale in Ajman Downtown. Located on the brink of Al Ittihad Road, Al Khor Towers boasts many benefits with a variety of restaurants and supermarkets nearby. Al Khor Towers also has an NMC Medical Centre branch located nearby for the convenience of residents.

Flats/apartments for sale in Al Khor Towers Ajman are significantly spacious, which can appeal to potential homeowners. The flats are available 1 to 3-bedroom layouts and range between 900 sqft to 2350 sqft. Those trying to find waterfront apartments at a reasonable price point will find that these apartments have fabulous views of Ajman Creek. They even have large balconies and have modern interiors. When it involves facilities within the building, the flats in Al Khor Towers have a shared gymnasium and pool, alongside a play area for teenagers.

Investors are very interested as the cost to buy 1-bed apartments in Al Khor Towers is average at AED 185k. On the opposite hand, 2-bed apartments for sale in Al Khor Towers Ajman are priced around AED 278k. Prices for 3-bed apartments in Al Khor Towers are around AED 376k.

The next best building to look for flats for sale in Ajman Downtown on our list is Horizon Tower. This residential complex is found on the brink of Al Khor Towers and features four buildings that are connected by a shared podium. it’s also within close distance from Safeer Mall Ajman and Nesto Hypermarket, which offers residents access to a spread of retail options.

Investors can find a variety of apartments in Horizon Tower Ajman buyable, from studios to 3-bedroom units. When it involves square feet, these apartments vary between 630 sqft to 2,400 sqft. Want to buy an apartment for sale in Horizon Tower Ajman? Ajman property trends show the typical price for a studio apartment for sale in Horizon Tower is around AED 167k whereas 1-bed units purchasable in Horizon Tower average around AED 239k. Buyers also can prefer to purchase 2BHK apartments in Horizon Tower that cost around AED 332k on average.

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