More about Apartments/flats for sale in Corniche Ajman

Ajman Corniche is one of the popular areas in Ajman when it’s come to High rise residential buildings. Situated along the Persian Gulf, Corniche Ajman is a spectacular community that offers waterfront living in High to mid-rise towers. This area lies in the proximity of Al Rumaila and Al Nakhil. This is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Ajman which glams up with cafes, restaurants, bars, hotels, beaches, shopping centers, and many other leisure activities. If you are eager to buy a flat in Ajman with a sea view, then Apartments for sale in Corniche Ajman could be the best choice for you.

Residents can enjoy the outdoors at weekends by visiting several parks and beach hotels that are situated in and around the community. Especially, one of the most visited parks in Ajman Corniche is Al Fisht Park and the hotel is Ajman Beach Hotel, which has a very beautiful ambiance, beach bar, beach restaurant, and many other facilities. With several trees, walking tracks scattered across the park provides visitors with many shaded areas and a place to do physical activities. The park overlooks the beach where visitors can enjoy the sunset and the cool sea breeze. In short, you could just have a perfect weekend just by staying near apartments/flats in Corniche Ajman.

Type of Apartments/Flats for sale in Corniche Ajman

Ajman Corniche is home to many high-rise towers. The waterfront community is home to 2 popular buildings: Ajman Corniche Residences and Corniche Tower. Take a glance at the foremost popular buildings before renting or buying an apartment within the neighborhood.

Corniche Tower is that the most famous area for renting and buying properties on Ajman Corniche. it’s a 213 meters high 50-floor tower offering 1, 2, and 3-bedroom apartments. Apartments purchasable in Corniche Tower typically cost around AED 310k to AED 1M. The high-rise building offers a waterfront lifestyle with a variety of amenities and facilities for every resident.

Ajman Corniche Residences also fares because of the hottest building in Corniche Ajman. It consists of seven interlinked towers and a chic collection of 1, 2, and 3-bedroom apartments. Rental apartments in Ajman Corniche Residence are available during a price range of AED 35k to AED 90k for a year. to shop for apartments in Ajman Corniche Residence, one is predicted to pay AED 615k to AED 1.6M counting on the dimensions and offered amenities.

For those curious about purchasing their flat in Ajman Corniche, there are several options. As an example, a studio may cost around AED 300k while 1-bedroom flats for sale in Ajman Corniche will range from AED 310k to AED 842k. Likewise, buying a 2-bed apartment in Ajman Corniche may cost as low as AED 520k. The sales price range for a 3-bedroom apartment in Ajman Corniche will start from AED 1M and can go up to AED 1.687M.

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