More about Apartments for sale in Emirates city

Emirates City Ajman is one of the foremost upscale residential neighborhoods in Ajman and you can find plenty of apartments for sale in Emirates city. it’s also one of the sought-after residential areas in Ajman for apartments.

Located on the brink of the guts of Ajman, this community features a mixture of mid and high-rise residential and commercial towers also as shopping complexes that contain many shops. Being a 100% freehold area, properties in Emirates City Ajman are available for legal ownership by expatriates.

The residential properties for sale in Emirates City are divided into six projects, which are Paradise Lakes Emirates City Ajman, Lavender Tower, Lilies Tower, Goldcrest Dream Towers, Lake Tower Ajman and M. R. Tower Emirates City Ajman.

Types of apartments/flats for sale in emirates city Ajman

Apartments in Emirates City Ajman offer studio to 4-bedroom configurations to the occupants. These flats for sale in the emirates city feature spacious bedrooms that have hardwood flooring and a refined fireplace. The well-appointed bathrooms feature a freestanding tub and towels. there’s a chic front room with a chesterfield sofa, an open-style kitchen with built-in cabinets, dishwasher drawers, and a storage bin.

There are balconies in apartments for sale in emirates city that enhance the lebensraum and are a play area for youngsters. Amenities offered to the residents include 8 high-speed elevators, a sauna, a jacuzzi, swimming bath, satellite/ cable TV, 24-hour concierge, CCTV surveillance, waste disposal facility, and broadband internet. You can also find many luxury villas for sale in emirates city Ajman at affordable prices. 

Latest sale price trends in Emirates city

Emirates city has plenty of options for apartments for sale for all kinds of people because the apartments here are very affiodable as compares to other parts of Ajman. The average price trends for 1 bedroom apartments for sale in M.R tower emirates city is AED125k while 1 bhk for sale in Majestic tower emirate city is AED130k and the same for Goldcrest dream towers is AED180k. While 1 bhk for sale in Almond towers is only AED145k. So, you can see it’s very cheap as compared to the other 1 bedroom apartments for sale in Ajman.

When it comes to 2 bedroom apartments for sale in emirates city the average price trend in paradise lake towers is AED160k so, it’s good to take 2 bhk in paradise lake towers for the same price for 1 bhk in other towers in emirates city. 2bhk for sale in Goldcrest dream towers, emirates city is AED190k while 2 bhk for sale in Majestic towers is AED220K