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Expo 2020 Dubai – Here’s what you need to know in a nutshell

expo 2020 dubai- find properties

  • The First world Expo ever held in the region

  • Welcoming the world to UAE for six months

  • Celebrating culture, collaboration, and innovation

  • Aiming to leave a meaningful and lasting legacy

Expo 2020 Dubai will be our once-in-a-lifetime celebration where for the first time in the history of Expo 190 countries are participating and it is the largest event ever happened in the Arab world. Dubai is all set to welcome participating countries, millions of visitors from across the globe from 1 October 2021 to 31 March 2022.

The main site of the expo will be 438 hectares, located between the cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Expo is set to celebrate culture, collaboration, and innovation with youths at its heart that’s why expo 2020 aspires to create a meaningful legacy that will benefit future generations internationally, starting from innovations and architecture to friendships and business opportunities hence, Expo will be one of a kind celebration for the world.

Start Date: 1 October 2021 

End Date: 31 March 2022

The Theme of Expo 2020 – Connecting Minds, Creating the future


To build a better world, we need to use our heads and our hearts, connecting the minds from about 190 countries all over the world to build partnerships and spread inspiring ideas will help for creating a better future for upcoming generations, and this why expo 2020 is going to be an important exposition in history. The Main theme is explored through three sub-themes.

Expo 2020 Sub-Themes

  • Sustainability

  • Mobility

  • Opportunity

Each of these themes has its own pavilion. The Opportunity Pavilion is designed by AGi Architects, Mobility by Foster and Partners, and Sustainability by Grimshaw Architects.


Sustainability pavilion

Sustainability is connected with preserving our planet, protecting it, and bringing awareness to make it better while developing the opportunities. Global projects here will provide solutions to correct the mistakes we made that affected the environment badly and to preserve our planet for future generations. In the sustainability district, you can explore how the human race can enjoy living in harmony with nature in a high-tech future.

In the sustainability district in addition to the sustainability pavilion, there will be a Hammour House that explores the coral reefs, a district stage for cultural performance and a walk through a waterfall, Water the desert, Singapore’s Enter a rainforest Singapore’s, Germany’s Wear cutting-edge devices and enters a miniature world Netherlands’s pavilion.


mobility pavilion- find properties

Mobility District creates connections to drive the world forward, breaking down the divide between the physical and digital worlds to build a harmonious, global society where information, ideas, and goods are exchanged faster than ever before. It is about how the world transferred through history, yet showing the marvelous impact of the great civilizations that are the reason why we have reached where we are now.

The Mobility pavilion will show the journey of how the world evolved since the ancient civilizations to where we stand today, to the possibilities the future holds. This will include Future vehicles; Ride in an autonomous vehicle and see cutting-edge mobility technologies, Explore Space; learn about the latest development in space, Mobility Track; innovative mobility devices on a 340-meter track.

Opportunity – Mission Possible

opportunity expo 2020- find properties

Opportunity district to inspire visitors to ask for a better world and unlocking the potential within individuals and communities to shape the future. You can explore how lives and actions are interconnected within the expo opportunity district where different countries have pavilions to explore the theme further.

Meet the people worldwide who are transforming dreams and aspirations into results of tomorrow, and be empowered to shape the future by unlocking the potential within yourself. The opportunity pavilion shows how your small actions can make a big impact. You can join a global mission and pledge to make a better future for all.

How to Reach Expo 2020

In October 2021 RTA has started a new metro to Expo 2020. The stunningly designed station forms a key part of RTA’s Route 2020, a 15-kilometre extension to the Dubai Metro that connects Jebel Ali Station to the Expo 2020 site, passing through communities such as Discovery Gardens and Dubai Investments Park.

Situated at one of the four entrances to Expo 2020, Expo 2020 Station will provide direct access to Dubai Exhibition Centre, Expo 2020 Dubai. Al Wasl Plaza, the beating heart of Expo 2020, is also only a short walk away, making this the ideal transportation option for Expo visitors.

The Expo 2020 Station, which can accommodate a peak of 22,000 passengers per hour in each direction, is currently open only to Expo staff and those with permission to access the site. Members of the public will be able to alight here from 1 October 2021, when Expo opens its doors to the world for six unforgettable months.

Expo 2020 location Map- Click to Expand

Book Tickets for Expo 2020 by clicking here

You can participate in the 2020 Expo Dubai and explore various locations of the United Arab Emirates while you are in the country. The types of tickets available with us are:

  1. Single-day ticket: for one day
  2. Multi-day ticket: access for 30 days
  3. Seasonal ticket: access for 6 month

What To Expect at EXPO 2020

The event is expected to witness 25 million visitors from over 192 countries during the span of six months. Held every 5 years, the Dubai Expo will be the finest event and one of the masterpieces held for over 182 days. Here are the reasons why you must visit the 2020 Exposition starting from 1 October 2021 to 31 March 2022.

The winner among 10 cities

We know this is going to be the first expo that will take place in the Middle East as well as the Arab world but did you know it had to compete with countries for the right to host? Dubai beat countries like Brazil and Russia to host the event.

It will leave a lasting legacy

What happens with the venue after Expo 2020? About 80% of the Expo infrastructure will remain in a neighborhood of a new future city called District 2020. Creating a science hub that will use green technology to create a healthy environment to live and work in, unique in the world.

Celebrate more than Dubai expo

Take part in more than 60 live shows organized every day by people from all over the globe and discover top-notch products offered by small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). During Expo 2020, you’ll have an unprecedented opportunity to celebrate the UAE national day and participate in flash mobs or reality shows.

Addressing global issues

Opportunity, sustainability and mobility are the main sub-themes of the event that will also focus on global issues. Every pavilion will have outstanding installations that will change every week in the course of the six months.

Leap into the next big thing

During Expo 2020, you can admire a wide range of exhibits in science, contemporary arts, and culture. All technology aficionados will be able to see the world from a new perspective thanks to augmented reality, space explorations, and autonomous vehicles.

Food & Beverages

Get a glimpse of global cultures and traditions as you engage in flavors & cuisines that suit every taste and budget. The most intriguing part of this entire event is that you can even share a meal with robots as you engage in a futuristic culinary experience with these automated beings.

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