Must See Pavilions at Expo 2020

Expo 2020 pavilions- find properties

Starting from October 1st, Expo 2020 Dubai began out welcoming visitors to experience an extraordinary Exhibition with their great and wonderful expo 2020 pavilions. This global occasion is looking ahead to welcome 25 million visitors by the end of March 2022. Expo 2020 Dubai is the first World Expo to take place in Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia (MEASA). Expo 2020 pavilions focus on architecture, culture, and innovation, with over 191 national participants.

The pavilions on display are divided into three districts: Mobility, Sustainability, and Opportunity, each showcasing how their country has contributed and will contribute to its respective theme. In addition to the national pavilions, each district has its own thematic pavilion: the Sustainability Pavilion “Terra” by Grimshaw, the Mobility Pavilion “Alif” by Foster + Partners, and the Opportunity Pavilion “Mission Impossible” by AGi Architects. Expo 2020 has focused on the Best of architecture and layout from across the world. Expo 2020 is Spread over an area of almost 438 hectares, four and a half kilometers, across Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

From augmented reality to living, breathing green structures, Expo 2020 is sure to blow your polka dot socks off. Dubai is no stranger to feats of architectural genius, and the boys and girls behind the pavilions at the world’s greatest show have pulled out all the stops to make sure their blueprints go down in history.

Expo2020 pavilions- find properties

The pavilions are many and beautiful – but for those who do not have time to look at them one by one, Find properties has prepared a list of the 6 most beautiful and must See Expo 2020 pavilions in Dubai.



Singapore Pavilion is the first among the must-see expo 2020 pavilions. Few nations in the world embraced innovations in urban design, architecture, and sustainability like Singapore in the last decades. The Southeast Asian nation’s pavilion in the Expo 2020 epitomizes Singapore’s dramatic evolution from a congested and polluted city in the 1960s to a futuristic urban design haven.

Loyal to the island nation’s commitment to curbing climate change, Singapore’s pavilion brings a “lush tropical oasis” to the Emirati desert. With its plant-covered roofs and hanging gardens, the structure will tap into the Middle Eastern sun to sustain itself.

Designed by WOHA Architects, this mini artificial rainforest will align with its slogan of Nature. Nurture. Future. Swing by the Singapore Pavilion and you’ll be hard-pressed to find where the architecture begins and the nature ends. It’s a veritable viridescent scene that’s more tropical rainforest than pavilion and arrives in the UAE with the message that architecture should be an extension of nature. It looks wild, and we’re betting it is.


expo2020 pavilion brazil

Expo 2020 pavilions

Brazilian Pavilion is the second among the must-see expo 2020 pavilions.

The Brazilian pavilion brings the Amazon basin to the Dubai desert in an interactive experience that allows visitors to be temporarily transformed to Brazil’s riversides through projections, sounds, and scent. The pavilion recreates the country’s environment by filling up half of the pavilion’s 4,000sqm with water so visitors of all ages can get their feet wet, and uses over 140 mega projectors that transform the translucent membrane on the steel structure into huge screens that bring the country’s biodiversity to life.

In order to cope with Dubai’s excess heat, the cubical structure will provide shade during the day and light up the space with interactive digital displays at night. Relating to the theme of sustainability, the designers explained that “this is an opportunity to show the world how sustainable Brazil is and how we prioritize sustainable development. When we say sustainability, that means we have to understand that we are together for nature, together for the people, and together for the future. These three pillars have to be connected to make concrete sustainable development. Expo offers a good platform to showcase this”. The pavilion is designed by JPG.ARQ, MMBB, and Ben-Avid

As the building invites the visitors to think about water, agribusiness, and sustainability issues, they can literally dip a toe in an Amazon re-imagined in the desert.



United Kingdom Pavilion is 3rd on the list of must-see expo 2020 pavilions. This cross-laminated timber pavilion represents the UK in Expo 2020 Dubai. The designer aimed to create a structure that conveys the identity of Britain as a diverse cultural nation and shows what comes out of the collaboration of all these notions integrated with technology.

To achieve this aim, the designer used advanced machine learning algorithms to transform the visitors’ input into collective poems. These poems are displayed on the illuminating facade, turning the pavilion’s exterior structure into an exhibit.


Saudi Arabian Pavilion is 4th on the list of must-see expo 2020 pavilions. Before the giant Expo 2020 gates had even officially swung open, the Saudi Pavilion had already claimed three Guinness world records. The first of those is the world’s largest interactive lighting floor. The innovative design features 7,998 LED lights that react with visitors using advanced technology. Known as ‘Vision’, the art exhibition showcases the Kingdom’s culture and was curated entirely by Saudi artists. The pavilion also features the world’s largest LED mirror screen and the longest interactive water feature. Saudi pavilion features elevators displaying the Saudi old culture and lifestyle. Apart from that you can find Saudi’s traditional performances and cuisines.


Netherlands Pavilion is 5th on the list of must-see expo 2020 pavilions. Innovations here include a cone-shaped vertical farm. Visitors will also be able to see sustainability in action, as the pavilion harvests water, energy, and food within its naturally-controlled climate. A cone-shaped vertical farm really sets the Dutch pavilion apart, and also gives it one of the smallest footprints in the entire Expo roster. The mushrooms sprouting in the farm will be used for anything from nutrition to construction. Tenders will be keeping the plants fit and healthy with the help of a revolving ladder that scales the cone. Well worth watching the watering process.

The best part here is you can watch videos through the umbrella and can enjoy the rain inside a room.


Bahrain pavilion expo 2020

Bahrain’s Pavilion is the 6th among the must-see expo 2020 pavilions. Bahrain’s unique and groundbreaking pavilion explores the concept of density as an opportunity. You can witness how Bahrain’s geography has defined its development with limited land availability. Also, you can see how Bahrain has evolved, encouraging trade, entrepreneurship, and innovation. Visitors can indulge in exceptional cuisines where chefs will reimagine local flavors.


Belgium Pavilion is the 7th among the must-see expo 2020 pavilions. The Belgian pavilion reflects the country’s status as a European mobility powerhouse. The lush Green Arch facade is the main talking point here as it promotes biomimicry, a concept in which solutions to modern-day problems are modeled after nature. Visitors can explore Belgium’s industrial, technological and scientific know-how, reflecting ‘belgitude’, a mix between Latin romanticism in art and Anglo-Saxon technical precision in the industry.

The Green Arch demonstrates how green cities can be connected in an intangible way; through industrial, technological, and scientific knowledge. The Belgian pavilion takes the shape of an arched, floral monolith that combines “Latin romanticism in the field of art and Anglo-Saxon technical precision in the industrial branches”. Providing 500 square meters of exhibit space, the pavilion showcases the Belgian vision for the future, incorporating notable comics from the country’s tradition.


Spanish Pavilion is the 8th on the list of must-see expo 2020 pavilions. The Spanish pavilion is designed with acoustic and thermal insulation. The pavilion is made completely of recyclable materials such as iron, cloth, and wood and has an exhibition room in the basement that connects to the various recreational areas out in the open. Visitors can explore intelligent creativity that is capable of uniting people around sustainable projects in the fields of science, technology, production, education, and art.


Australian Pavilion is the 9th on the list of must-see expo 2020 pavilions. Australia’s Expo 2020 pavilion includes a music stage right at the entry. The theme of the pavilion is “Blue Sky Dreaming” which encapsulates Australian optimism, ambition, and creativity. Witness the celebration of Australian diversity and collaboration, plenty of live concerts, musicians, and dancers throughout the six-month duration of the Expo.


Switzerland’s Pavilion is the 10th on the list of must-see expo 2020 pavilions. Reflections is the official name of this pavilion signed by the architectural firm OOS. If from the outside its appearance is reminiscent of the classic Bedouin tent but in a hyper-reflective version, passing inside, visitors will not only be able to see the culture and landscape of Switzerland inside, along with exhibitions and exhibitions that will tell the values of the country and the state of its technological advancement. After passing the mirrored façade, you will enter a crystal gallery that leads into a dark room where you can experience the soundscape of the Swiss mountains and observe a digital exhibition that explores nature and the main attractions of the country.